Transforming commodity management

one app at a time

Just like our clients, no two Gen10 solutions are the same. We believe that our clients should not have to change the way they work to use our products effectively. We work closely with you to help define your optimal workflows, select the apps you need from our CommOS ecosystem and configure these apps according to each individual user’s role and the organisation’s processes.

With the option of a “one app at a time” implementation, comprehensive data migration tools and pre-defined automation templates, be up and running in as little as 2-4 weeks.

Each app can be implemented as a stand-alone solution to a specific problem, as part of a comprehensive commodity management solution or as an add-on to your existing ERP, CTRM or ETRM system.

CommOS apps include

Streamlined offer/bid and deal capture with customers and suppliers 

Transform your procurement process with approved suppliers and customers to communicate price levels, invite offers, close deals and monitor activity. Trade.Counter is your own private digital marketplace with plenty of collaborative, analytical features and a nice, clean interface. Close deals quicker and automate business confirmations instantly whether you’re at your desk or out and about.

API integration with your Contract Management system, CTRM and ERP helps you achieve your digital goals in a coordinated, methodical way.

fast mobile deal capture

Fast deal capture across all devices

Streamline high-volume transactions and capture pricing across the organisation. You can track offer-bid spreads and perform deep analysis from a clean, responsive dashboard. Integrate with contract management and CTRM apps for instant data sharing and automated processing with approvals from deal capture to contract signature. Integrate with Trade.Counter to extend your supply and market reach.

Bring Legal, Finance, CSR and Commercial functions together

With this template and workflow-driven app, create approved legal templates, manage special clauses and automate processing. Accessed securely from anywhere on almost any device, digital approvals and signatures with credit checks, controls provide the peace of mind, efficiencies and audit trail you need for such a critical part of your business.

The combination of structured and unstructured data means you can issue the contract, feed your positions and integrate with your ERP at exactly the same time.

Manage risk as part of everyday workflows

Price and premium curves combine with credit limits and operational risk controls in real-time to help you mark your exposure to market, square your hedges as weights and qualities change and explain where your profit is coming from. Scale with confidence knowing that financial, commercial and operational activities are being controlled and monitored from the ground up, as it happens.

Better Intel, More AssuranceAud.IT commodity management

Whether you need to perform due diligence on your suppliers, your warehouses or you need to conduct a survey with your customers, with Aud.IT you can design your own surveys, KPIs and streamline the data collection and verification process of any type of business intel, due diligence/compliance or feedback.

Powerful integrated CTRM technology driven by comprehensive pricing and workflow engines

Use a collection of apps and modules to capture premiums, manage operations, create documents and automate invoicing and settlement. With built-in notifications, calendar and position reconciliation, ensure all trades are progressing smoothly across front- and back-office functions.

Real-time P&L, inventory monitoring and in-system reporting combine with powerful analytics tools to provide better data insights.

More than CTRM

Gen10 apps are flexible and collaborative by design, using powerful process automation workflows and APIs to integrate with your existing technology.

The CommOS infrastructure provides even greater flexiblity, providing the building blocks for new and custom apps faster and at a lower cost. Build your own commodity management apps on top of our architecture or work with us to create new solutions that power your digital transformation.

With over 100 custom projects for some of the most recognised commodity businesses, and a track record spanning 20 years, take advantage of our exceptional and detailed knowledge of commodity management software.

Industries we work with

Before launching our software into new commodities, we collaborate with industry experts to understand the complex logistical needs of the supply chain and develop truly relevant technology that helps users do their day job better and faster.

Industries we currently work with include:

CTRM for oilseed and edible oilCTRM coffee
ctrm oilctrm polymersCTRM for Cotton
ctrm biomassCTRM cocoa

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“Across the board, we can talk to developers in Gen10. The developer who’s doing our P&L understands the business – I don’t have to translate the business for him to understand how to write the technology, and having access to people within the organisation like that is very important to us.”
Barry Gould, CTO, Concord Resources