The RCMA Group, which has been serving the needs of the industry with polymers, coal, coffee, sugar, cotton and fertiliser for more than 100 years, optimises its global logistics and manages its contract management processes from origin to industry with the G10 Commodity Manager.


Toyoshima is coordinated centrally with offices in Los Angeles, Japan, Paris, Indonesia and Brazil. The company brings together origination in the U.S., South America, West Africa, Greece and CIS, marketing cotton to the Far East and Europe. Toyoshima selected G10’s Commodity Manager for its ability to manage the entire supply chain effectively.

Plexus Cotton

Active in all major consumer markets and offering a wide array of cottons and qualities with globally distributed operations, Plexus is committed to the promotion of sustainable and traceable pure cotton and works closely with many partners throughout the supply chain. The company selected G10 Commodity Manager for managing its cotton origination needs, particularly in South America, Africa and Australia.

Global Trading Firm

One of the world’s top commodity trading firms, with worldwide activities in the sourcing, transporting, storage, and financing of a range of agricultural commodities, uses Generation 10’s G10 Commodity Manager to increase its internal visibility and maximize the effectiveness of its business processes.

RCMA Americas

“After evaluating many commodity software vendors, we chose G10 Commodity Manager as the best solution for our commodity business. We plan to take advantage of the task management, workflow, and clean, customizable user interfaces of G10 in order to optimize our position and supply chain management. We have so far been impressed with the flexibility and scalability of the system as well as with the knowledgeable and helpful team. We are looking forward to partnering with G10.”

Mercedites DePuy, Controller and Project Manager RCMA Americas


“G10 has been very efficient in helping us control contracts, stocks and shipments. All origination function are very well kept and the system allows a good coordination with our parent company in Dallas.”
Miguel Faus – Managing Director, Omnicotton Agri, Sao Paulo Brazil