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Your Trusted Technology Partner

Gen10’s mission is to bring transparency, sustainability and value to the commodity supply chain.

What makes Gen10 different is our focus on making the day-to-day tasks of commodity trading faster and simpler through automation and collaboration.

Our expertise is based on the team of ex-traders and commodity management technology experts who believe in making innovative, high value and flexible commodity management solutions. And we’ve spent the last 20 years building up the knowledge and experience to achieve our goals. Our UK-based development and support teams work in collaboration with our clients to build up a real understanding of the challenges they face, and we encourage direct interactions between clients and developers.

Using an industry-leading ecosystem of apps, dApps and APIs, we create technology that works with and within your processes and integrates with your existing technology, for a solution that truly works for you. This flexible, collaborative approach means that we can offer implementation periods as short as 2-4 weeks, and solutions that work with a wide range of software, including your ERP and CTRM if required.

“Across the board, we can talk to developers in Gen10. The developer who’s doing our P&L understands the business – I don’t have to translate the business for him to understand how to write the technology, and having access to people within the organisation like that is very important to us.”
Barry Gould, CTO, Concord Resources

A history of innovation

Our focus has always been on finding the best solution to industry problems, not on a particular technology. From our earliest projects such as Cotton XML, which standardised data files for the cotton industry, and creating the first electronic contract for the International Cotton Association, we have delivered innovation through collaboration.

As technologies have developed, so has Gen10. Through our history, we have made use of the latest technology to create the world’s first electronic certificate of insurance for Rekerdres & Sons, develop automated bale tracking for Louis Dreyfus and provide BI tools to the USDA.

And now this innovation experience combines with CommOS, Gen10’s app ecosystem, to give our clients a flexible digital transformation using the most relevant technologies.

Beyond CTRM

Whether you are looking for a complete CTRM solution, better supply chain management or commodity management apps to complement the capabilities of your current technology, we work with you to understand where you want to be and create a collaborative solution to get you there.

Unlike a traditional repository-style CTRM, Gen10 apps focus on process automation and reducing manual workloads by sharing data across the ecosystem, including with external partners.

We take a collaborative approach to software development, working with industry partners and clients to develop solutions that improve asset turnover, reduce costs and deliver greater control and transparency.

Agility and flexibility are built into both our software and our business model, so that your solution is able to grow and change as your company evolves. As a result, your solution will always be relevant to your current business needs, at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Our passion

We care about what we do, our clients, and our colleagues. We believe in making innovative, high value and flexible commodity management solutions and we’ve spent the last 20 years building up the knowledge and expertise to achieve our goals.

We believe in looking to the future and using new technologies including blockchain to provide innovative solutions to old problems.

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