Empower Your Data, Visualise Your Success

Generation 10’s d3 analytics empower you to better understand the vast amount of data and activities that occur in your business every day. These interactive, visual tools help you identify trends, increase operational transparency, set benchmarks and achieve goals. d3’s intuitive, visual user interface allows you to locate, understand and act on information much more efficiently, making your company more agile and able to capitalise on opportunities whenever they arise.

The Big Picture

Intuitive visuals help you monitor the Key Performance Indicators that are most important to your business.

Cause and Effect

Insightful, interactive analysis of the details that make up the bigger picture.

Bridge the Gap

Bring together data from all of your disparate systems, regardless of their platform.

G10 Commodity Manager

Commodity Trading Firms

Customers that use G10 Commodity Manager also benefit from d3 analytics, which give them a more accurate understanding of their positions, exposures, logistics and compliance.

USDA Quality Assurance Program

The US Department of Agriculture utilizes d3 analytics to get real-time insights into its quality assurance program, which monitors quality standards and policies for U.S. cotton testing.

CommOS d3

ICAC World Cotton Database

ICAC World Cotton Database

The International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) utilizes d3 analytics to collect, manage and analyse its massive database of world cotton statistics, which date back to 1921. The World Cotton Database (WCD) is free to the public.


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