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There is no such thing as a “spreadsheet system”

If you are tired of putting your business at risk by relying on spreadsheets to manage your information and processes, read on!

We at Generation 10 are on a mission to eradicate spreadsheets in the workplace. That might sound harsh because spreadsheets are good tools for making ad-hoc lists and calculations, but they are not safe for running your mission-critical business operations! Given the absence of relevant alternatives in the marketplace for your specific needs, it’s not surprising that spreadsheets have become so prolific. But the fact is, they hinder collaboration and introduce a series of security risks. For those of you who have considered having a bespoke system tailored to your specific needs, there is the challenge of finding a trusted technology partner who understands how your business works. If you choose one who doesn’t, they might be able to replicate what you currently do, but probably won’t be in position to get you to where you could go because they won’t have a broader understanding of your industry.

You are then missing a vital opportunity to take advantage of technology that provides the competitive edge you need to survive and thrive. Selecting a partner who knows your industry as well as they know technology is critical to success if you want to build a solution for the future as well as for today.

The Key to Stopping the Downward Spiral

Over the years, companies have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, on implementing famous ERP systems, only to later discover that many of their business-critical functions still need to be managed on spreadsheets that offer little or no integration – and likely no controls or security, either.

Fortunately, there is a better way. You’d be surprised at just how fast and cost-effective it can be to build a business application on the web, if you have the tools and industry know-how. Our rapid application development platform and years of expertise in the commodity supply chain have given Generation 10 the building blocks needed to create sophisticated, feature-rich business applications for the web that are developed with the user in mind. And they don’t require expensive licenses, new on-site hardware, and the ongoing maintenance that it requires.Our knowledge and experience have enabled us to implement world-class, robust and secure systems for organizations such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC), a WTO body focused on the global cotton trade. We have built systems for almost every type of company in the commodity supply chain, from the farm through processing, including producers, brokers, traders, agents, freight forwarders, marine insurers and inspection companies, as well as implemented international laboratory information management systems for quality testing and assurance.

Business is an organic, ever-changing complex of relationships and processes that threatens the life cycle of a traditional software product. This model is being tested for its suitability and relevance and is evidenced in the commodities industry by numerous stories of problematic, lengthy implementations. It ultimately ends up in compromise when vendors struggle with delivering new requirements and clients find it difficult to write off the not-insignificant initial investment.

One of our core strengths as a company is not just our knowledge of the commodity supply chain that we serve, but our experience of how things have changed. This has helped us build more intelligent software, enabling our solutions to live and breathe with the changes, always looking to maximise collaboration, refine processes and enhance analysis.


Our applications collect, process and distribute information from every area within an organisation to the appropriate stakeholders. What truly separates a G10 solution from the competition, however, is its flexibility, usability and accessibility, serving as an online platform that empowers you to work more closely with your preferred suppliers and customers.  The result: Transparency, traceability, and a set of business processes that facilitate collaboration.



Process and Metrics


Process Measurement

Our advanced workflow and scheduling tools enable you to effectively plan resources, set targets and manage capacity. We monitor thousands of data points to deliver your business-specific metrics that not only identify where bottlenecks occur, but can actually anticipate them before they happen. The result: Real-time insights that lead to an unprecedented level of efficiency throughout your supply chain.


It’s impossible for anyone to digest the complex interactions that occur every day in your supply chain, so our analytical tools do it for you. They drill down to the granular level but present the information in a visual, tailored, easy-to-understand format. The result: A high-level understanding of big, complex data that makes decision-making both fact-based and intuitive.



If you are using

Spreadsheets… Legacy Systems… ERP + Spreadsheets…

We can replace your long-in-the-tooth legacy systems – as well as fully integrate the processes you’re currently managing on standalone spreadsheets – with a flexible, innovative system that dramatically increases efficiency, upgrades security, reduces costs, and facilitates collaboration. And, thanks to our deep understanding of commodities and the role that data plays in your business, we can offer a number of cost-effective consulting services such as business process reviews, risk management assessments, and data analytics.

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