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CM Origins

CM Origins

Managing all aspects of origination of agricultural commodities from farm-gate through to port including:

  • Offers
  • Sample approval
  • Quality and weight checks
  • Origin specific documentation
  • Production plans
  • Inventory management


Functionality provided caters for all main agricultural origins.

CM Contract

CM Contract Manager

Comprehensive and flexible contract management from standardised templates. Allowing you to enter a contract with minimal effort, legal compliance with a full handle on the status of the contract from draft through to approval, counter-party signature, amendments, washouts and inter-company transactions.

CM Cost Matrix

CM Cost Matrix

Providing pricing support to the trade desk and to shipping coordinators.

Helping you accurately understand the full cost associated to all of your shipment routes. Complete with drill down and forward curve analysis.

CM Tracker

CM Fast Tracker

Effective shipment planning and execution with full traceability of the status of all shipments.

Designed to enable you to get clean shipping documents to your bank sooner.

CM Connect

CM Connect

Providing your preferred suppliers, customers and agents secure, restricted access to help you improve customer service and create supply chain efficiencies.

CM Performance

CM Performance

Real time user-defined KPI and risk monitoring across all levels of granularity giving you full performance visibility anytime, anywhere.

CM Compliance

CM Compliance

Hedge reporting, risk management and corporate messaging solution.

CM Optimiser

CM Optimiser

Helping you get the best out of your money, team and supply chain easily.

CM Collateral

CM Collateral Manager

Providing real-time global inventory position management. Trace where your goods are and how much they are worth at any point in time.

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